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مجلة ديالى للعلوم الصرفة 
ISRA Impact Factor:3.715
المجلد الثامن، العدد الثاني، أبريل 2012

المحتويات: البحوث باللغة العربية
تحديد الإصابة بداء المقوسات لدى النساء الحوامل في محافظة ديالى
د.محمد خليفة خضير
الصفحة: 001-008   للتحميل

استخدام المربعات السحرية في بناء الأنظمة الشفرية
خلف صالح يوسف، مجيد حميد علي، نسيبه توفيق إبراهيم
الصفحة: 009-017   للتحميل

إنتاج إنزيم الهيمولايسين Hemolysin مــــن العـــزلــة المحــلية لبكــتريا Vibrio cholerae المعزولة من مرضى مصابين بالإسهال
محمد ابراهيم نادر، مثنى عبد القادر صالح المهداوي، ايناس يوسف
الصفحة: 018-032   للتحميل

Diyala Journal For Pure Sciences DJPS
ISRA Impact Factor:3.715
Volume 8, Issue 2, April 2012


Table of content: Papers in English Language

Direct and inverse problems for three- dimensional inerior acoustic wave scattering
M.s. Bushra Abdul-Lateef Hassan
PP.  001-013  Download  PDF

Fast Image Steganography Using Affine Mapping
Dr. Loay E. George, Ahmed H. Ali
PP.  014-023  Download  PDF

Study of Toxoplasma infection in women recurrent abortion in First trimester of pregnancy by Indirect immunoflurescent antibody test (IFAT
Rana Talib AL-Ani
PP.  024-037  Download  PDF

Calculation the Cross Sections and Neutron Yield for 50Cr(p,n)50Mn Reaction
Dr. Khalid H. Mahdi Shaemaa Akram Abbas
PP.  038-052  Download  PDF

Effect of irradiation on the optical properties of PbSe thin film prepared by thermal evaporation method
Jasim Mohammed Abid Al-Leteef
PP.  053-064  Download  PDF

The effect of vinegar solution on the bacteria that cause impetigo
Anfal Shakir Motib
PP.  065-074  Download  PDF

Measurement of temperature distribution for"CO2 laser –mild steel processing
By non-Contact methods
Jasim Hassan Rasheed
PP.  075-091  Download  PDF

Effect of garlic (Allium sativum) extract on lipid profile in Rats
Hadeel Ahmad Hassan
PP.  092-098  Download  PDF

Study of proteins encoded by different fragments of C virus gene for detection hepatitis C infection
Mohammed A. Saleh
PP.  099-107  Download  PDF

Dependence of electrons distribution function and the swarm parameters on the buffer gas (Xe) concentration in SF6-Xe gas mixture
Raad Hameed Majeed
PP.  108-119  Download  PDF

Solar Energy Utilization Instead of Oil Energy
I. G. Faiadh, F. L. Rashed, S. A. Salman
PP.  120-131  Download  PDF

Synthesis and characterization of mixed ligand complexes of some metals with 1-nitroso-2-naphthol and L-leucin
F.H, Ghanim
PP.  132-145  Download  PDF

Study of Molecular interactions in binary mixture of isobutanol with methyl acetate , ethyl acetate and normal propylacetate at different temperatures
Shaima Basam Khalaf
PP.  146-163  Download  PDF

Volumetric and Viscometric behavior studies for ternary system of  cycloheptane with three isomeric dimethyl benzene at different temperatures
Dr. Ahmed Najem Abd
PP.  164-178  Download  PDF

A New Keystream Generator Based on Swarm Intelligence
Dr. Ismail K. Ali - Abdulelah I. Jarullah
PP.  179-189  Download  PDF

Effect of Apple- Lite Contained of Apple Fibers and Apple Gel Pectin on Body Weight, Lipid Profiles, Kidney Function and Histological Structure of Kidney in Male Albino Rats
Nusaibah Amer - Jabbar H.Yenzeel Al-Hilfy -Mustaffa A.K. AL-Taie
PP.  190-202  Download  PDF

The Separation Particle Size and Strain by the Scherrer Analysis Method
PP.  203-210  Download  PDF