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مجلة ديالى للعلوم الصرفة 
ISRA Impact Factor:3.715
المجلد السادس، العدد الثالث، أكتوبر 2010
المحتويات: البحوث باللغة العربية

التحري عن جرثومة الأيشريكيا القولونية نمط  O157:H7  في منتجات الجبن الطري المحلي في مدينة بغداد وتأثيرها في الصحة العامة

م.د. احمد محمد صالح ,  م. شكر محمود یاسین , م.م. هادي صالح مهدي , رافد سمیرعبدالكریم

الصفحة : 343-353 للتحميل

Diyala Journal For Pure Sciences DJPS
ISRA Impact Factor:3.715
Volume 6, Issue 3, October 2010

Table of content: Papers in English Language

Screening of Post Traumatic Stress Disorders among Preschools Children in Baijee City
Ph.D. Ashoor R. Sarhat , Ph.D. Faiadh H. Faiadh
PP . 001-015, Download PDF 

The Prevalence of Rotavirus Infection in Baquba- Diyala Province
Ph.D. Abdul-Razak SH. Hasan , Ph.D. Abbas A. Al-Duliami , F.I.C.M.S.Ped Mehdi SH. AL-Zuheiry , M.Sc. Abdul-Kadir Y. Al-Azawi
PP . 016-026, Download PDF

Mortality Rate among Low Birth Weight Infants in Al-Battool Teaching Hospital
MBChB ,DCH CABP Dawood Salman Hameed Alazzawi
PP . 027-033, Download PDF
Efficacy of Using Synchronized Nasal Intermittent Positive Pressure (SNIPPV) Versus Ordinary Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) in Sick Neonate
Ph.D. Kareem A. Obaid
PP . 034-039, Download PDF

The Characters of Measles Patients Admitted to Tikrit Teaching Hospital
M.B.Ch.B.,DCh Dr.Shan .N. Al .Hurmuzy , M.B.Ch.B,DCh. CABP Dr. Yusra .A. Mahmood
PP . 040-054, Download PDF

Anti-Leishmania Tropica Activity of Candida Abicans Proteinase
Ph.D. Dr. Azhar A.F. Al-Attraqhchi , Ph.D Dr. Huda Th.Al-Marsome
PP . 055 -062, Download PDF

Immunohistochemical Study of Retinoblastoma Protein (Prb) Expression in Cervical Carcinomas and Their Premalignant Lesions
MSC Arwa Mujahid Abdullah Al-Shwaikh , Ph.D. Dr. Ismail Ibrahim Latif 
PP . 063 -071, Download PDF

Toward Iraqi National Medical Licensing Examination
Ph.D Ashoor R Sarhat , Sarab K. Abedalrahman
PP . 072 -078, Download PDF

Detection of CagA in H. Pylori Gastric Illness Using in Situ Hybridization
Ph.D Nidhal A. Mohammed , M.Sc. Ahmed S. Abood
PP . 079 -084, Download PDF

Serum Anti-Cardiolipin Antibodies among Women with Recurrent Abortions in Diyala Province
Ph.D. Abdul-Razak shafiq Hasan , Ph.D. Abbas A. Al-Duliami , M.Sc. Rafah O. A-Zubiadi
PP . 085 -094, Download PDF

Zoonotic &Nonzoonotic Endoparasites of Rodents from Some Districts in Baghdad
PhD Raad Hammodi Hasson
PP . 095 -106, Download PDF

Microalbuminuria, Cardiovascular Morbidity, and Mortality in Diabetic and Non–Diabetic Subjects in Kirkuk City
Aseel Sharaf Abdulla
PP . 107 -119, Download PDF

Assessment of the S100 Protein of the Common Peroneal Nerves in Diabetic Patients
Ph.D. Anatomy Dr. Payman Jamal , Ph.D. Anatomy Dr. Talib Jawad Kazim , Ph.D. histology Dr. Hewa Banna
PP . 120 -128, Download PDF

The Effect of Peganum Harmala (Water Extract) on Hydatid Cyst
Al-Tae, A.A
PP . 129 -134, Download PDF

Does Hepatitis C Virus Infection is a Relevant Factor for Thyroid Dysfunction
MRCS , FICMS, Surgery Saad Muhmood Hussain , Ph.D. Microbiol Abdul-Razak Sh. Hasan
PP . 135 -140, Download PDF

Non Burial of the Appendix Stump During Appendectomy a Safe Procedure
Dr. Bahaa Aldeen A. K. Al.mujamaee
PP . 141 -144, Download PDF

Antibiotic Prescription Style in Surgery Department in Baquba Teaching Hospital
M. Sc. (Pharmacology) Kasim Mahmoud Jumaa , Ph. D. (Pharmacology) Saad Abdel Rahman Hussien , F.I.C.M.S.D.M. (Med) Ali Mousa Jaffer , B. Sc. (Pharmacy) Ali Saqban Abdel Alaziz , B. Sc. (Pharmacy) Rasha Ahmed Abdel Latif 
PP . 145 -159, Download PDF

Facial Pain and Intranasal Contact Pressure Zones
F.I.C.S(Otolaryngologest) Dr. Nada Kalil Yaseen
PP . 160 -177, Download PDF

The Isolation of Proteus Species from Patients with Otitis Media in Baquba City
Ph.D. Abass A. Al-Duliami , Ph.D. Abdul-Razak SH. Hasan , Ph.D. Kariem S. Al-Ajeeli , M.Sc. Afak Rashid
PP . 171 -178, Download PDF

Molecular and Immunopathological Role of Nuclear Factor K B Detected By Insitu Hybridization in Pathogenesis of Chronic Atrophic Gastritis in Iraqi Patients
Ph.D. Ali Ibrahim Ali
PP . 179 -208, Download PDF
Determination of GLUT3 and GLUT8 Protein in the Testis of Diabetic Rats Treated with Aqueous Eextract of Cymbopogon* Citrates
Ph.D. Anatomy Dr. Hero Khalid Mustafa , Ph.D. Anatomy Dr. Talib Jawad Kazim , Ph.D. histology Dr. Hewa Banna 
PP . 209 -221, Download PDF

Clinical and Therapeutic Study with Jacquet’s Erosive Napkin Dermatitis Its Prevalence in Iraqi Infants
MBChB, DDV, FICMS Khudair K. Al-Kayalli
PP . 222 -230, Download PDF

Sero-Epidemiological Study of Outbreak of Measles among Children in Diyala – 2009
MBChB, Ph.D. Ismail I. Latif , MBChB, DCH, FICMSPed Mehdi SH. Al-Zuheiry , MBChB, DCM, MSC, Ph.D. Nadhim GH. Noaman
PP . 231 -240, Download PDF

Pattern of Ischemic Heart Disease Cases Admitted to Coronary Care Unit in Baquba Teaching Hospital
FIBMS,DCM Abdul Salam Harfash , FICMS,DM Ali M. jaafar Al-Tamimee , FICMS,DM Raid A. Al-dulaimy
PP . 241 -252, Download PDF

The Prevalence of Needle St ick Injuries among Health Care Workers in Baquba Teaching Hospital
M .B.Ch.B, D.C.M, F.I.B.M.S.O&E Medicine Dr. Shahab A. Alazawy
PP . 253 -264, Download PDF

UV Spectrophotometric Method for the Analysis of Tinidazole after Exposure to Superficial X-Rays
Ph.D Suad MusIih Al-Deen
PP . 265 -274, Download PDF

New M ethods for Establishment of Lymphoblastoid Cell Lines
Mb.Ch.B, M .Sc., Ph.D. Ismail Ibrahim Latif
PP . 275 -286, Download PDF

Acetyl Salicylic Acid Improved the Regeneration of the Injured Sciatic Nerve in an Experimental Study
Ph.D. Dr. Ibraheem, A.H , Ph.D. Dr.TtalibJawad Kazim, T. J. , PHD Dr. Mustaf Al-shikh,Y.G
PP . 287 -294, Download PDF

Acute Multifocal Symmetrical Osteomyelitis
M .B. Ch.B., F.I.B.M .S Ass. Prof. Dr. Younis A. Rasheed Al Radwany , M.B. Ch.B, F.I.B.M .S. Dr. Ahmad Saeed Tawfeeq
PP . 295 -300, Download PDF

New Epidemic of Cutaneous Leishmainasis in Children in 2005 in Tikrit City
Ashoor R. Sarhat , Wisam S. Najem , Sarab K. Abed alrahman , Rafal K. Farhan
PP . 301 -307, Download PDF

Sero-Conversion to Measles Igg-Ant ibodies after Measles Vaccinat ion among Infants, Iraq/ Baquba
M .B; Ch.B. ; M S.c.; PhD Salwa Sh. Abdul- Wahid
PP . 308 -316, Download PDF

Impetigo a Bacterioldgecal Study in Baquba City Diyala Province – Iraq
MSC Burooj M. Razooqi
PP . 317 -323, Download PDF

Selective versus Routine use of Nasogastric Tube Following Abdominal Surgery
Ph.D. Muqdad F. Abdul-Kareem
PP . 324 -337, Download PDF
Myths in the Management of Hypertension in Iraq Diyala Society
Sameer Abdul- Kadir
PP . 338 -342, Download PDF

Bone marrow injection in patients with delayed union and non-union of long bone fractures
Done by Dr.Firas T. Ismaeel
PP . 354 -360, Download PDF